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Optimal positioning on the bike is essential for comfort, aerobic and aerodynamic performance, and injury prevention.

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Ultimate Cycling Performance

With our in-depth cycling analysis, we can help you improve your cycling performance and also pinpoint any potential injury causing techniques. 

You will receive a virtual analysis that will assess your current cycling technique. Then you will be guided through modifications to ensure you learn the foundational knowledge to become an efficient, economical, and injury free, cyclist.

What You Will Get From This

1. Injury Coaching

  • A 60-90 min  base-level injury coaching  session to discover and rectify any muscle imbalance or impingements that will hinder your cycling technique and efficiency.

2. Bike Analysis

  • Virtual cycling analysis  

  • Pedaling technique, cadence, and cycling drills

  • Assess your body positions to look for anything that will hinder your cycling efficiency or cause potential injury.

 You will walk away with :

  • A new, safe, and efficient cycling technique 

  • High-performing body and exercises to keep it that way

  • High-performance technique and drills to practice

  • Before and after technique videos 

  • Drills and training to guide your improvement

  • A comprehensive knowledge base on how to use your heart rate monitor and power meter as performance-based tools

Package : $199.00 +GST

3. Heart Rate and Power Zone

  • 30 mins consultation

  • 7 heart rate zones with corresponding power training zones

  • The training application for each training zones

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