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Coaching Athletes Towards
Their Adventures


About Me

Hi I am Mike Pascoe,

I have been addicted to endurance sports my whole life, but it wasn’t until 2002 that I began training for and competing in my first endurance events. It wasn’t very long after I started to compete and increase my training hours that injuries started to pop up. As a committed athlete, with goals in mind, I did whatever I could do to get patched up by local professionals to ensure that I could still train and compete.

In 2006, a debilitating injury caught up with me and brought all of my training and competing to a screeching halt. At the time injury felt like the worst thing that ever happened to me, but I quickly realized that the injury was my greatest gift. It was at this time that I was just creating Endurance for Life and this injury made me realize that I needed to change my approach as an athlete and a coach. I realized that neither I nor any of my athletes could achieve our goals if sick or injured so at that point I started to train myself and to coach my athletes with LONGEVITY in mind.

My ToolKit

  • Began my journey into the Fitness Industry in 1993

  • Coached hundreds of athletes since 2004

  • Competitive Cyclist, Runner, and Triathlete since 2003

  • Certified Foundational Movement Therapist 

  • Coaches Training Institute trained Life Coach

  • Certified Fascial Stretching Therapist - Level 1

  • Certified ACMG Hiking Guide

  • Certified ACMG Climbing Instructor

  • Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator

  • Certified Bicycle Technician (United Bicycle Institute) 

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