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Injury Coaching

We specialize in coaching athletes back to the sport they love, when no one else can.

The Ultimate Injury Coaching Package

We specialize in coaching athletes back to the sport they love when no one else can. Our approach is unique, we begin by doing a full assessment and then utilizing the appropriate exercises and stretches to diminish the pain.

After diminishing the pain we focus on getting to the root cause of your injury by investigating the other parts of your life that are likely contributing to your injury such as how you sit, stand, walk, lift, bend, and do sport-specific movements.

What You Can Get From This

1. Consultation & Body Assessment

  • A 30 min virtual or in-person consultation to discuss how to get the root cause of your injury.

  • A standing and walking assessment.

 You will walk away with :

  •  High-performing body and exercises to keep it that way

Value :

2. Injury Coaching Session

  • A 60 min virtual or in-person injury coaching session 

  • Delivering exercises to rectify any muscle imbalance, impingements, mobility, or flexibility concerns that will hinder athletic performance.

  • General 3-week training plan to bring you safely back to training

  • Custom training program via hexfit including exercises to rehabilitate your injury

  • Unlimited phone, email, text, or virtual access to your Injury coach for 3 weeks

  • $149.00 + GST

Optional Addition As Needed :

  • Bike fit: $99.00 

  • Run Analysis: $99.00

  • Strength training program: $75.00 

  • Virtual ergonomic assessment: $99.00

  • Additional 60 min Injury coaching sessions: $75.00

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