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I have been addicted to endurance sports my whole life, but it wasn’t until 2002 that I began training for and competing in my first endurance events. It wasn’t very long after I started to compete and increase my training hours that injuries started to pop up. As a committed athlete, with goals in mind, I did whatever I could do to get patched up by local professionals to ensure that I could still train and compete.

Coaching Programs

Athlete Coaching

Elevate your athletic performance and well-being with our private coaching, technique coaching, and downloadable training plans.

Injury Coaching

Our methodology in injury coaching mirrors our approach in all other coaching forms. We focus on the individual as a whole, delving deeply to uncover the root cause of the injury.

Strength Coaching

Whether you're aiming to build muscle, enhance endurance, or boost overall strength, our personalized programs offer the perfect solution.

Partnership Programs

Explore Leadership Opportunities

Are you passionate about fitness and eager to inspire others? We offer a unique array of leadership opportunities that go beyond the conventional. Our programs are designed for those who aspire to lead, motivate, and make a lasting impact in the world of sports.

Join Our Referral Program

Our community thrives on the success stories of our clients. If you've experienced the transformative impact of our services, why not share it? Our Referral Program rewards you for spreading the word to friends, family, and fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Become an Affiliate Partner

Have a wider audience? Our Affiliate Program is designed for influencers, bloggers, and industry professionals who wish to leverage their network. Earn commissions while promoting wellness and peak performance.


Our Difference

Founder's Expertise and Experience

Founder Mike Pascoe leverages 30+ years of personal experience and deep knowledge of the brain-body connection, derived from his own journey as an endurance athlete, including setbacks and injuries.

Injury Coaching & Prevention

We are dedicated to injury prevention, with a focus on identifying and addressing root causes that may elude others.

Whole-Person Approach

Our coaching philosophy goes beyond the sport and centers on the whole individual. We prioritize mental well-being, acknowledging its influence on athletic performance and overall life success.

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Our approach emphasizes the importance of longevity and ensures that athletes can enjoy sustained success in their athletic pursuits.

Commitment to Energy Management

We are dedicated to effective energy management in training incorporating heart rate training and power metrics to optimize performance and avoid burnout.

Unlimited Communication

We are unwavering in our commitment to open and unlimited communication with our clients, ensuring that support and guidance are always readily available.

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In September 2020 I was struck with severe sciatic pain. Within a few days of working with Mike and his network of health professionals I was on the path to recovery and riding my bike again.

Edwin Makkinga

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