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"Everything a human experiences from birth to death either improves or impairs a person’s Mental Well-Being, consequently their overall performance and potential"

~ Mike Pascoe


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Mental Well-Being for Life was founded by Mike Pascoe.  He is a passionate Mental Well-being advocate, who has dedicated the last 30 years to gaining an in-depth understanding of the brain-body connection.

Mike knows that ensuring people have optimum mental well-being is the secret to unlocking their human potential. He has, and continues to use this philosophy as a Human performance Coach to successfully inspire, coach, and educate hundreds of people around the globe.

On this journey, Mike has supported several large organizations in co-creating cultures, and workplaces that support the Psychological Health, Safety, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belong, Wellness, and Mental Well-being of Employees, Leaders, and their Families.

At Present, Mike, together with the Mental Well-Being for Life team is continuously working towards getting more organizations onboard to co-create Incredible Employee Experiences™ and in turn, create Incredible, Mental Well Being Focused Culture™ for all. 

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The Burmis Tree, a limber pine located in Alberta, Canada is an excellent symbol of the indomitable human psyche.

For us, it represents human beings, and their human experiences, not just their strengths, but also their vulnerabilities.

The tree has actually lived for approximately 700 years before it died in the late 1970’s. Still, it remained standing up until 1998 when high winds toppled it over. The community, which regarded the tree as a significant landmark, refused to simply leave it.
Rods and brackets were then used to support the tree.


If the Burmis tree was a human, the roots would represent our brain and our mental well-being; physically protected from our environment. The rest of the tree represents the rest of our body, exposed to the elements of the world. Like the tree, if we are exposed to harsh environments for too long then we begin to break down. If this exposure lasts too long, we begin to show physical wear, and if this lasts too long then it begins to wear down on our foundation, our mental well-being, our roots to survival.
Our mental health is the ‘battery life’ that represents the state of our mental well-being. Once our ‘battery life’ begins to diminish, so does our endurance and resilience, consequently, so does our human potential and purpose.

Our life experiences require endurance, resilience, and community support. The same things which allowed the Burmis Tree to survive the test of time.

We believe that everything a human experiences from birth to death either improves or impairs a person’s Mental Well-Being, consequently their overall performance and potential. 
We fully believe that, like  keeping the Burmis Tree upright after all these years, a sustained collective effort is required to create a Mental Well Being Focused Culture for all.


Almost 60% of the world's population is at work. Globally, an estimated 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety at a cost of US$ 1 trillion per year in lost productivity. Therefore, the workplace plays an essential role in either improving or impairing the Mental Well-Being of its people.

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We know that the workplace is not always part of the problem, but it can choose to be part of the solution. This is where we are committed to supporting your organization in creating Incredible Employee Experiences™ that will support Mental Well-Neing, and in turn, drive the potential and performance of your people.

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