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Athlete Coaching

More than just a training program, it is about coaching the 'Whole Person.' not just the sport.

Why Private Coaching

And this why

Get your  Incredible Training Plan + Support!

Step 1 :

Book an Inquiry call

Book a free 15 min virtual or phone call to discuss what is right for you and your goals 
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Fitness Training


Step 1 : Book An Inquiry Call

Book a free 15 min virtual or phone call to discuss what is right for you and your goals 

Step 2 : Consultation

If you know what you are looking for then please book a 30-minute virtual or phone call consultation to discuss your goals, training, and injury history. 

Step 3 : Assessment

This 30-minute injury coaching assessment can be done on its own or added to the end of the consultation. This assessment can be done virtually using teams, zoom, facetime, or any other platform.  

Step 4 : Strength  Training Program

A custom strength training program will be provided via Hexfit and will contain the exercises to meet your athletic goals.

Step 5 : Support

You will have full access to your coach for the duration of your strength training program. 

Step 1: Choose you Athlete Coaching Package

  • Custom training program for indoor & outdoor training

  • Custom heart rate, power, and pace zones

  • Unlimited athlete and coaching communication via text, email, and or phone

  • Weekly workout data analysis

  • Premium training peaks account

Coaching Packages

Step 2: Choose your ad on's

We aim to address all underlying causes of  your injury.
In addition to our main Injury Coaching package, you can get these additions as suggested by your coach.

Additions As Needed :

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Cycling Analysis

Bike Fit.jpg


Strength training program

Bike Fit.jpg


Running Analysis

Bike Fit.jpg


 Injury coaching


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Swim Analysis

Bike Fit.jpg


Ergonomics Assessment

Booking: Find out how we can coach you through an injury.

Step 3: Finalize your purchase

Cart is here

1. Ask for customer information

2. Show total and payment options

3. Pay for purchases

4. Thank you your purchase pop-up

5. send to next step... set-up your account

Step 4: Set-up your account

​Instructions for setting up account:

1. Check your email (if not there check spam)

2. Read the PDF Instruction Manual

3. Follow the Links sent

Step 5: Enjoy your Incredible Experience

While our training plans are all expertly created, a training plan is just that. 

A plan

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