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Endurance for Life was founded in 2006 by Mike Pascoe. He is a passionate Human Performance Coach, and Mental Well-being Advocate who has dedicated the last 30 years to gaining an in-depth understanding of the brain-body connection.

Mike has been addicted to endurance sports his whole life, but it wasn’t until 2002 that he began training for and competing in his first endurance events. It wasn’t very long after he started to compete and increase his training hours that injuries started to pop up. As a committed athlete, with goals in mind, he did whatever he could do to get patched up by local professionals to ensure that he could still train and compete. 

In 2006, a debilitating injury caught up with him and brought all of his training and competing to a screeching halt. At the time injury felt like the worst thing that ever happened to him, but he quickly realized that the injury was his greatest gift. At this time, he was creating Endurance for Life and this injury made him realize that he needed to change his approach as an athlete and a coach. He realized that neither he nor any of his athletes could achieve their goals if sick or injured, so at that point he started to train himself and to coach his athletes with LONGEVITY in mind.

At Endurance for Life, we maintain that we coach the athlete, not the sport. We know that everything in an athlete’s life will either improve or impair their Mental Well-Being and therefore impact their performance. With this in mind, we provide a whole-person approach to ensure our athletes receive all of the support required to reach their athletic goals while functioning at a high level in all areas of their lives

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In September 2020 I was struck with severe sciatic pain. Within a few days of working with Mike and his network of health professionals I was on the path to recovery and riding my bike again.

Edwin Makkinga

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