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What Do We Offer

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Private Coaching

We know what your thinking... you don't think you deserve a coach. Everyone does! This is not just a training program, this is coaching that will make you better in all areas of your life.

Injury Coaching

Injury sucks! We know, we have been there, and that's what makes us so good at what we do. We specialize in coaching athletes back to the sport they love when no one else can.

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Strength Training

If you are tired of having to ask your spouse to open the pickle jar for you, tired of injury, tired of not being able to climb up hills or make it to the other end of the pool... then join us.

Ultimate Run Performance

A runner does between 160 - 180 strikes per minute. There is no better way to prevent or recover from injury or improve efficiency and economy than by honing your running technique. 

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Ultimate Bike

Whether you are tired of that sore neck, sore knee or getting dropped while doing sprints or hills climbs focusing on improving bike fit, equipment choice and technique is the secret to ride efficiently and without pain.

Ultimate Triathlon Performance

We know exactly what it feels like to drag your feet on the bottom of the pool, gasp for air to take a breath, kick and go nowhere, but we also know how to fix it. If you want to improve your swimming we can show you.

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Anna Snell


"I never had the confidence to consider myself an athlete until I started working with Mike. Now in my fifties, I have better fitness and more belief in myself than ever before."

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