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Leadership Coaching

Leaders are confronted with an array of challenges that demand resilience, foresight, and a robust mental well-being foundation. At Mental Well-Being for Life, we're committed to guiding leaders through these personal challenges.

Building a Culture that Prioritizes Mental Well-Being

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging Through Empathetic Dialogue

At the core of a resilient organizational culture is the sense of belonging fostered through mastering difficult conversations. My coaching is centered on enabling individuals and leaders to handle these dialogues with compassion and precision, ensuring mental well-being is upheld. 

Enhancing Engagement with Clear, Inclusive Expectations

Recognizing the link between mental health, productivity, and a sense of belonging is crucial. I assist leaders in setting clear expectations that are inclusive and acknowledge the diverse needs of their workforce. This strategy not only boosts engagement but also cements a supportive community within the workplace.

Strengthening Personal Resilience to Enrich Team Unity

Building resilience is key to a thriving workplace. By providing leaders with strategies to manage stress and avoid burnout, they set a positive precedent that promotes a sense of unity and collective well-being, making every team member feel they have a stake in the organization's success.

Balancing Ambition

with Compassionate Change

Embracing change is essential, but doing so with consideration for the mental health and sense of belonging of all employees is foundational. I guide leaders to marry their ambition with a conscientious approach to transformation, ensuring mental health and belonging remain at the forefront of the organizational agenda.

If you’d like more information about our coaching, get in touch today.

Why Choose Mental Well-Being for Life for Coaching?

Trust-Centered Coaching

Experience a safe space where trust forms the foundation, allowing open sharing and genuine growth.

Building Resilience

Transform life's challenges into opportunities. We provide you with strategies to bounce back stronger, turning adversities into stepping stones.

An Inclusive Approach

We celebrate every individual's unique journey. Our coaching sessions are tailored, ensuring everyone feels recognized, valued, and understood.

Visionary Leadership

Lead with purpose and inspiration. Whether you're an aspiring leader or a seasoned executive, our techniques imbue empathy and foresight in your leadership style.

Consistent Nurturing

Journeying with our "Thriving Minds" ethos, you'll find support, feedback, and encouragement at every turn.


Mental Well-Being for Life: Where coaching is more than guidance—it's a path to truly thriving.


Our Coaching Process 

Transforming leadership journeys with personalized pathways you'll truly resonate with.


Our journey begins with a thorough assessment, where we dive deep into understanding your current mindset, challenges, aspirations, and goals. Using tools rooted in the "Thriving Minds" philosophy, this stage ensures that we have a clear, holistic picture of where you are and where you aim to be.

Personalized Plan

With insights from the assessment, we craft a personalized coaching blueprint tailored to align with your objectives and address specific challenges. Every plan is unique, designed to resonate with your individual journey, ensuring a pathway that feels authentic and achievable.

Feedback & Adjustments

Growth is dynamic, and so is our approach. At regular intervals, we seek your feedback, ensuring the coaching process remains aligned with your evolving needs. We're agile, making adjustments to our strategy based on your feedback, and ensuring the coaching remains effective and relevant.

Outcome & Reflection

The culmination of our journey together involves a deep dive into the results achieved. We evaluate the milestones reached, and the transformations experienced, and reflect on the entire journey. This reflection not only celebrates successes but sets the stage for future growth.

Coaching Packages


Introduction to Growth

Ideal for individuals looking to get a taste of the coaching experience. This package offers a foundational approach to personal growth and goal setting.

  • Duration: 1 month

  • Sessions: 4 sessions (1 session per week, 1 hour each)

  • Price: $400.00+ tax 


Transformational Journey

Dive deeper into personal challenges and aspirations, focusing on transformative change. 

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Sessions: 12 sessions (1 session per week, 1 hour each)

  • Price: $1080.00+ tax 


Visionary Leadership Coaching

 Designed for emerging and existing leaders. Focus on leadership skills, team dynamics, and visionary growth strategies.

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Sessions: 24 sessions (1 session per week, 1 hour each)

  • Price: $1920.00+ tax 

Book a Complimentary Coaching Session Now

This Complimentary Session includes the following:


A 60-minute confidential call to experience what it’s like to have a coaching session with us!


More information about our team & leader workshops to help you and your team create Psychologically Safe Spaces™.


An assessment of what challenges may be impacting the mental well-being of you or your team. 


Learn about the value we can provide for you and your team. 


Experience Mental Well-Being Coaching about the topic of your choosing. 


Have a chance to ask us anything!

Facing challenges like high employee turnover, decreased productivity, or a stagnant culture? Let’s turn them around!

Discover how fostering mental well-being can address these issues and become your secret weapon for unprecedented success!


Outcomes You Can Expect:


  • Tangible strategies to overcome organizational challenges and boost employee well-being.

  • Insights into real-world success stories and transformative statistics.

  • Personalized recommendations tailored to your organizational needs.

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